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I cannot tell you how many times I have shown up at events with a couple of cameras around my neck, a gadget bag full of odds & ends and a lighting kit and have been asked that question. If it happened once every few years, that would be one thing. But it happens a LOT. It's like getting pulled over by the police and he's standing there with uniform, gun, flashing lights and asking him "Are you a cop?" I would love to come back with a witty reply, such as "No, I am Jesus. Don't you recognize my beard?" However, I cannot be that rude.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day Fiftyfive: Driving Home

So we have been visiting Ohio. Today we are driving back to Chaumont, NY. Looks like we will be driving through rain the entire way. We are driving on intertstae Route 90, known as the throughway which runs East-West. Bad enough it's raining, but, being the throughway it is mostly visually boring. The photos presented here were taken through the car's rainy streaked windows. I am not driving. That makes it even more boring. So, what is one to do. Well, in this wonderful day & age we are living in, I am creating this blog entry. Grabbing photos thorugh rainy windows from a moving vehicle is really an amusement at best. The fireworks sign was the first colorful view we encountered. Then I spotted the cows grazing. Well, I only had a 17-55mm zoom lens & the cows were far way. No time to switch lenses. This image is cropped out of the full frame.

What this all leads up to is how one can amuse one's self with photography. These photos will never "go" anywhere, but what the heck! They gave me something to do.

At 3:00pm, about an hours drive West of Syracuse, NY, still on RT90, a break in the rain and we encounter a school bus towing a car. Somebody likes the color yellow.

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