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I cannot tell you how many times I have shown up at events with a couple of cameras around my neck, a gadget bag full of odds & ends and a lighting kit and have been asked that question. If it happened once every few years, that would be one thing. But it happens a LOT. It's like getting pulled over by the police and he's standing there with uniform, gun, flashing lights and asking him "Are you a cop?" I would love to come back with a witty reply, such as "No, I am Jesus. Don't you recognize my beard?" However, I cannot be that rude.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lake effect snow storm hits Chaumont, NY November 18, 2014

An intense lake effect snow storm hit Chaumont, NY November 18, 2014. These are some photos I snapped during a walk around the village.

See more photos of the storm here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lake Effect snow storm Nov. 18, 2014 northern New York

This is view from my kitchen window at 6:20am. The sun is not up yet. It looks clear enough but 20 minutes earlier I could not see the end of the driveway. There is a strong wind that comes in gusts varying the visibility. This is the start of what may be three or more feet of lake effect snow to hit this region over the next 48 hours.