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I cannot tell you how many times I have shown up at events with a couple of cameras around my neck, a gadget bag full of odds & ends and a lighting kit and have been asked that question. If it happened once every few years, that would be one thing. But it happens a LOT. It's like getting pulled over by the police and he's standing there with uniform, gun, flashing lights and asking him "Are you a cop?" I would love to come back with a witty reply, such as "No, I am Jesus. Don't you recognize my beard?" However, I cannot be that rude.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Samuel Adams Beer, Hofmann hot dogs, and the hospital

Samuel Adams Beer, Hofmann hot dogs, and the hospital.
Yesterday was quite pleasant here in Chaumont, NY. I got up particularly early and got in 3 hours of guitar practice. Then I spent most of the day outside doing yard work. I finished cutting off a large, dead limb from the Maple tree in  my back yard. After that I grilled some Hofman hot dogs and had a couple of Sam Adams beers.
Sam Adams beer and Hofmann hot dogs on the grill makes for a nice April day in the North Country.
The Better Half was not feeling well. About 3:00 she became concerned about her condition and looked up her symptoms on Google. They seemed to indicate heart attack. YIKES! But, we let is slide. We watched Survivor and all the while she was not feeling well, couldn't describe it. Finally at 9:30, I drove her to the hospital. After a lot of tests, x-rays nad a cat scan we got the verdict: Gall stones. They can be quite painful. We were relieved to learn that otherwise her heart, lungs, kidneys, all of that are in good, healthy condition. By the time it was all over we didn't get home until 3:00AM.

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